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Self-Assess Your Integration

Assess Your Integration

Psychedelic Integration is the process by which a psychedelic experience translate into positive life benefits. 

This test measures:

the Practice of Integration

  • What am I doing to integrate (reflections, connections)


the Feeling of Integration 

  • How much do I feel integrated (feeling settled, harmonized, improved)


Classic psychedelics can occasion effects spanning self-dissolution, the experience of intense emotions, distortion of sensory awareness, and even a sense of death and rebirth. Such experiences often result in a lasting sense of improved life quality.

However, psychedelic experiences can also be challenging, confusing, and destabilizing, as they can catalyze radical changes, in both immediate states of consciousness and lasting aspects of life. While enhanced well-being is a common result of psychedelic use, the psychological changes they induce can range from positive to negative, depending on how they are contextualized and supported.

Psychedelic integration, which is defined as “The process by which a psychedelic experience translates into positive changes in daily life,” can help to ensure that change resulting from psychedelic experiences happens as beneficially, sustainably, and smoothly as possible, and that risks associated with use are minimized.

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